Product Trends 2015: Don’t Sleep on the 4th Quarter

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An excellent blog by fellow ASI member, Danny Trizio of Proforma, highlights the importance of maintaining sales and marketing prospecting efforts in the 4th quarter.

“The fourth quarter is a time that many use for reflection, evaluating the previous nine months of the year to gauge successes and failures. While it’s important to reflect and restrategize, this shouldn’t be looked at as a time to lighten up. It’s an easy habit to fall into; essentially vacationing for the final three months of the year while gearing up for what is to come when the calendar turns to the first of January. It certainly doesn’t need to be this way but there is a common misconception that business is not conducive as we approach the holiday season …

… here are five product trends that will jumpstart prospecting efforts in the fourth quarter.”

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