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Bottle Types & Sizes

Searching for the best personalized bottled water for a new product introduction, business promotion or special event? Wisconsin-based Langlade Springs offers a variety of plastic bottle types, sizes and packaging options to meet your specific needs. Several new additions were created to address different lifestyles and price points, including:

  • 16.9 oz. bullet: convenient “grab ‘n go” 12-pk. is lighter weight and easier to carry; 24-pk. is great for vacations and large events where more water is needed
  • 700mL 12-pk. bullet: ideal for staying hydrated throughout the day
  • 1L 12-pk. bullet: refrigerator size bottle perfect for family use

Ribbed style bottles are offered in 12 oz., 16.9 oz. and 20 oz. 24-packs.

Our BPA-free bottles are available in 100% recyclable PET or an eco-friendly ENSO™ biodegradable* option that breaks down more quickly in landfills and composts.

Langlade Springs uses bottles that are a heavier gram weight than many water bottles on the market. Heavier weight provides added firmness that stands up to travel, sports activities and whatever your active lifestyle demands. We’ve all experienced the frustration of flimsy bottles that dent as soon as you pick them up or break, leaking water all over your computer case, gym bag or purse.

Durable high gloss, white vinyl labels produce excellent print color and clarity so your message really stands out.  All bullet style bottles feature oversized labels that provide more advertising space than the ribbed style.

Something Special from Wisconsin MiniWhat’s inside the bottle is just as important as what’s on the outside. Our high alkaline water is bottled right at the source in northern Wisconsin. The Ice Age glaciers that moved through Langlade County about 15,000 years ago created the aquifer that produces our water. Springs are monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged. Inside the plant, water is UV treated and micron filtered to ensure the highest quality level.

This pure spring water offers refreshing taste without any sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients and has zero calories, cholesterol or carbs. Langlade Springs high pH water, has a natural 7.8+ pH factor and has natural electrolytes, making it one of the healthiest bottled waters available.

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*ENSO biodegradable bottles not available in 1L size



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