Customized bottled water is an easy way to give back to the communities you serve and build goodwill.  Charitable organizations, local schools and sports teams and other great causes have all benefited from donations of bottled water.

Tri-North Builders, a full service construction management company that operates in five offices across the United States gives back to the communities they serve by donating their water to charities and using it for corporate events such as Blood Drives, Kids Building Wisconsin and other non-profits that use their facilities. Visit Our Clients page to read more about Tri-North and other businesses giving back to their communities with their own custom bottled water programs.

Langlade Springs natural alkaline mineral spring water is bottled right at the source in the beautiful north woods of Polar, Wisconsin. It has a natural 7.8+ pH and 100% electrolytes, so it’s naturally healthy.

Choose from a variety of bottle sizes (from 12-oz. to 1-liter), styles and your choice of 100% recyclable, BPA free PET or ENSO™ biodegradable bottles.

Visit our Vital Info website page for answers to questions you may have regarding our natural alkaline mineral spring water, product specifications, the label design process and much more. Check it out, or better yet, contact us at or give us a call at 715-623-9170. We look forward to hearing from you.