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Custom Bottled Water Photo 4 SizesPrivate label bottled water is one of the most simple yet efficient and cost-effective ways to generate powerful word-of-mouth and long-lasting publicity. The combination of your high quality, custom advertising message with the popularity of bottled drinking water creates a walking billboard for your brand that’s also naturally healthy.

If you choose to create your own custom bottled water, there are several important factors to consider:

  • Water quality, source and taste
  • Construction of the water bottle
  • Professional , compelling label design

Langlade Springs offers a comprehensive private label bottled water program to meet all those criteria:

  • Langlade Springs natural alkaline mineral spring water is bottled right at the source in northern Wisconsin. The Ice Age glaciers that moved through Langlade County about 15,000 years ago created the aquifer that produces our water. Springs are monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged. Inside the plant, water is UV treated and micron filtered to ensure the highest quality level.
  • Our natural alkaline mineral spring water has no sugars, no stimulants and no artificial ingredients with zero calories, cholesterol and carbs. It offers refreshing taste with one of the highest natural 7.8+ pH factors available as well as naturally occurring electrolytes, so it’s naturally healthy.
  • All bottle types are 100% recyclable PET, BPA free and a heavier gram weight for added firmness to stand up to today’s active lifestyles. Choose from 12-oz., 16.9-oz., 20-oz., 700mL and 1L sizes.
  • We offer expert, in-house graphic design services, working with your camera-ready art, or creating a custom label.

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