Customer Spotlight: Wisconsin Maritime Museum

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Where can you explore the nation’s most completely restored WWII submarine, stroll the streets of a 19th century shipbuilding town, sail a boat down a river and more? At the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Tour the Haunted Sub

First Annual Haunted Sub Event

The museum engages and educates the public about the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes through hands-on learning experiences and lots of cool special events including the upcoming Haunted Sub to be held on Halloween night. Attendees will get to see what happens when the lights go out aboard a 70 year old submarine!


Custom WaterWisconsin Maritime Museum chose Langlade Springs to supply their USS Cobia custom bottled water. Katelyn Sheck, Development & Member Services says, “Purchasing the custom bottled water from Langlade Springs is a smart business decision for us. We sell the water in our gift shop, and it is also the only bottled water we offer for sale for rentals. Not only is the bottled water a great item to have on hand for thirsty guests, who are usually traveling, or walking around in downtown Manitowoc during their visit, it is also an inexpensive way to advertise!”

To learn more about the museum and the First Annual Haunted Sub visit

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