Custom Bottled Water FAQ’s

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Over the last several weeks we’ve answered your Top 10 FAQ’s about our water, bottles and custom labels. Today we wrap up this series with your questions regarding minimums, lead time and shipping costs.


What’s the minimum quantity for my first order?

  • 30 cases of 24 bottles each (720 bottles total) if you’re purchasing a ribbed (standard) or bullet (slim) bottle with white label

Minimum quantities vary if you are purchasing any of the following:

  • custom bottle or cap color
  • clear labels
  • 12-ct. case for all sizes except 1L
  • custom print shrinkwrap option for tray

What’s the lead time for delivery of product?

  • 21 business days from receipt of final artwork approval

 What will my shipping costs be?

Shipping costs are determined by the following factors:

  • Bottle size/type and number of cases ordered so we can calculate the cube of the product. Since shipping costs are based on cube, not weight, it’s often more economical to order a full pallet of product
  • Zip code of ship-to address
  • Special requirements: Loading dock available? If not, is a forklift available? Is a lift gate required?
  • We’ll provide you a shipping estimate as soon as we have this information

To learn more, call 715-623-9170 or contact us at


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