What Makes Langlade Springs Water So Special?

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High Alkaline Water

Natural Mineral Spring Water

We’ve collected a list of the Top 10 FAQ’s from customers and consumers across the country. And the most asked question is  “Exactly what makes Langlade Springs water different … and why should I care. Isn’t all bottled water really the same?”

The answer is a resounding no. And here are the facts behind that bold statement.

Ice Age glaciers that moved through Northern Wisconsin created the aquifer that produces our Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water

Water comes out of the aquifer at a constant temperature of 46 – 48 degrees … possibly the coldest in the United States. What a refreshing thought on one of the warmest, most humid days yet this summer.

Springs are protected and monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged

Inside our plant, water is UV treated and micron filtered to ensure the highest quality level

The water offers refreshing taste and is healthy for you because it has one of the highest natural 7.8+ pH factors available … a natural way to help offset the negative effects of consuming acidic foods and beverages

Pure, clean, refreshing Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is NOT tap water and is NOT from a municipal source

Natural Mineral Spring Water is different than tap water, because it doesn’t have added components such as sodium, fluoride, additives and lead that can be found in tap water.

Stay tuned as we answer more Top 10 Bottled Water FAQ’s. We invite you to share your questions or comments with us.

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