Your Premium Pure Water Source

Ice Age glaciers created the aquifer that produces our Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water. This water offers refreshing taste and is healthy for you because it has one of the highest natural 7.8+ pH factors available … making it the best high pH water.

Springs are protected and monitored constantly to ensure initial water purity remains unchanged. Inside our plant, water is UV treated and micron filtered to ensure the highest level of quality. Bottling at the source eliminates the risk of potential contamination that can occur during bulk transport of water.

 Pure, clean, refreshing Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water is NOT tap water and is NOT from a municipal source. 100% Natural Mineral Spring Water is different than tap water, because it doesn’t have added components such as sodium, fluoride, additives and lead that can be found in tap water. And it has zero calories, cholesterol and carbs, making it the perfect beverage for healthy hydration.

What Makes Our Water Different? What’s your pH IQ? Your Premium Pure Water Source Flyer

Langlade Springs Water Other Bottled Waters
Natural Premium Light Mineral Spring Water Purified Tap Water/Spring Water/Artesian Water
Naturally high pH level of 7.8 pH levels range from 3.5 to 7.0
Offered in virgin PET, 100% rPET and bio-degradable bottles Standard plastic or 25% less plastic. No bio-bottle
Natural minerals for superior taste Typically use reverse osmosis (RO) process which reduces or removes taste altogether
Naturally contains fluoride Fluoride may or may not be added
No additives Contain additives
Micron filtered, ultraviolet (UV) treated and bottled Filtered, RO processed, distilled, stripped of all nutrients and bottled
Private label option No private label option
Available in quantities of 30 cases to truckload Available only in quantities of pallet to truckload
  • pH of pure water is 7. Water with a low pH (<7.0) is considered acidic and has low oxygen levels. A pH level of 7.8 offsets the negative effects of acidic foods and beverages, contains higher oxygen levels and is absorbed in the body’s system faster
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where water is filtered to remove all particles.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light is used to kill algae and bacteria and is used in most water bottling processes