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About Maya First

Maya First is a U.S. based non-profit organization that works to provide the Maya children of Belize with a  well-rounded education stressing the fundamentals of mathematics, reading and writing skills, basic science and history. Their mission is to empower children and their families with the necessary skills to prosper while taking a lead role in the preservation of their environment, their own strong, fascinating culture and their future.


Mayan ChildrenJamie Krieger, Maya First founder, chose Langlade Springs to produce custom bottled water to help with their fundraising efforts. Krieger says, “We have been very impressed with Langlade Springs. Establishing our Maya Water has been challenging, and their ideas and counsel have been very helpful in creating our brand. We are now in business and soon, God willing, we will be making money to help the Maya children with school.”


Maya WaterHe continues, “Response to our water has been very positive. Our fitness fanatic friends love the idea of the natural electrolytes without sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives and that it’s naturally alkaline … not from a machine but from nature!  We like that, too! As we move our product out into the community and to the market place we are very confident that our water will not only be accepted but also become the favorite of lots of health-conscious thirsty people everywhere! “

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