How Penny Mustard Furnishings Keeps Customers Happy and Hydrated

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Penny Mustard Furnishings of Milwaukee/Chicago specializes in furniture made by American craftsmen. When they decided to create their own personalized bottled water for customer giveaway, they wanted to partner with a supplier that took quality and customer service as seriously as they do. And they wanted the program to be as cost effective and easy to manage as possible. Langlade Spring’s H2O on Demand program was the solution they were looking for.



H2O on Demand allows Penny Mustard Furnishings to get their custom water when, where and how they want it. Business owner Ben Huth appreciates the money he saves with truckload pricing, the flexibility to order just the amount of water he needs when he needs it, and that he pays for water as he orders it, not in advance. His customers appreciate the refreshing taste of natural mineral spring water with one of the highest natural 7.8+ pH factors available, so it’s naturally healthy.






Arvid and Ben Huth

Business Owners Arvid and Ben Huth


Huth says, “ We have been buying Langlade Springs water with our brand on it for a year now and we could not be happier.  Our customers are enjoying the great tasting water all the while we are supporting another Wisconsin business. Delivery has been fantastic too. We order and it shows up fast and in great condition.”

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