Green2O: Peace of Mind Hydration

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Green2O Peace of Mind Hydration

Peace of mind hydration … that’s what every bottle of green2O™ provides. From the biodegradable bottles that are better for the environment to the naturally alkaline pristine spring water that’s better for the body, no detail has been missed in the development of the green2O brand. That’s why Frank DiTucci, CEO & Founder of green2O, turned to Langlade Springs in his search for a single source private label supplier who could provide the highest quality natural mineral spring water and the level of personalized service he required.

DiTucci states, “From the moment I contacted Langlade Springs, I was  greeted with a warm welcome. Even in the early development stages of our partnership, I was fully supported. What really makes them different is the time and attention we received from day one all the way through our first production run.  Unlike super large co-packers, Langlade Springs  focused their attention on me, and were always available and on top of deadlines.”

He continues, “Did I fail to mention their high quality great tasting water?  I have gotten nothing but great reviews on the uniquely refreshing taste of their high alkaline spring water. It has naturally occurring minerals and zero additives, then is micron filtered and UV treated to ensure it’s the cleanest, purest water available.  What more can you ask for! “

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