Every Day Should be Earth Day

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Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Last month we celebrated “Earth Day”. Some would say that this was a day created to pluck at our heart strings and guilt us into recognizing that we have a responsibility to the world we are stewards of.

To others, this is a positive affirmation that we all share in the responsibility to care for this world and to inspire others to do the same. Regardless of what side of the prism you view this from; sustainability is an extremely compelling issue.

Jessica Jacobson, Editor of Beverage Industry magazine,  wrote a nice piece describing her fondness for an article she wrote early in her career. She waxed nostalgic about the community that dedicated a tree to a recently deceased former village employee who was an advocate for sustainability. She said that seeing a community come together made working on a Sunday not so bad … less like work and more like enjoyment. A very nice sentiment.

Today she writes about Brands and their individual contributions to sustainability. It is good to see the community that you work in take an active role and set a good example.

As a co-packing and private label bottling company we are committed to Wisconsin sustainability. And we celebrate our relationships with Brands like Project 7 http://www.project7.com/causes/quench/, ENSO Plastics  http://www.ensoplastics.com/ and others who are prime examples of stewards who integrate their commitment to sustainability into their business every day and provide a great platform for us to participate in this Global initiative.

No excuses. You can thrive and drive a profitable concern without abusing the privilege. Think about what you can do to impact our homes future. Be a thoughtful steward.


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